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Amanda Young To All Instructors

Family Communications Director, Teacher, and Firefly Co-Founder

Amanda is a Philadelphia-area native who earned both her B.A. and M.A. in Psychology from Rosemont College in Pennsylvania. She worked as a Kindergarten teaching assistant and a school counselor before she and her husband, Dan relocated to Athens in 2007.  Homeschooling felt like a natural decision when their daughter was born, and they have enjoyed the connection and flexibility of the homeschool journey.

She is a self-taught hobby baker, a lifelong space exploration enthusiast, and an avid true crime follower. In her free time, Amanda enjoys listening to podcasts, reading, learning to sew, watching Great British Bake-off, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Current Classes
Baking – (open)
Cooking – (open)
Firefly Student Newspaper – (open)