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Tara Massey - Firefly Program Director

Tara Massey began homeschooling her daughter in 2011. She saw a need for a secular homeschool community when both of her children were very young, but felt like the timing wasn't right for her to put her whole heart into forming a new community. As her children got older, the need was undeniable and the time period at home during COVID felt like the perfect opportunity to hash out the vision for a not for profit secular homeschool community. Tara and a few of her like-minded, equally dedicated friends founded Firefly Homeschool Community in 2020. When Firefly Homeschool Community held the first day of classes on August 13th, 2021, Tara was blown away with seeing the vision come to life. Tara continues to be amazed by the number of families that have committed to supporting FHC every year! Going into Firefly Homeschool Community's 3rd year, Tara continues to serve as the Director of Programming. Tara is thrilled to be utilizing her Business degree, along with her experience in teaching and event planning. She hopes that Firefly Homeschool Community continues to grow and provide a safe space for the Athens and surrounding areas' homeschool communities. 

Tara works closely with teachers in the planning and implementation of academic and enrichment classes. She also coordinates and oversees activities and events for the FHC community. Tara's other various tasks include: teacher communication, website training, marketing, and fundraising.

Feel free to contact Tara to help with any specific program related issues you may have at tarajmassey1024(at)gmail.com

Amanda Young - Firefly Family Communications Director

When Amanda began homeschooling her daughter as a Pre-Kindergartner, she could not have dreamt of the path that would lead to Firefly. She and her daughter quietly enjoyed their daily rhythms, making friends and participating in local homeschool groups and activities. During those isolated months of the pandemic, as the plans to bring a secular homeschool community to Athens took shape, Amanda eagerly joined her longtime homeschooling friends as a cooperative team player and co-founder. As the vision progressed, Amanda found herself stepping into a co-director role as well. Amanda brings experience from her teaching and school counseling days to act as Firefly’s Family Communications Director. The last few years have been a whirlwind of change, growth, and pride over all that has transpired to bring Firefly to where it is today. Now as the parent of a high schooler, Amanda is delighted to be a part of creating a lasting, thriving, secular homeschool experience for local families. 

Amanda connects with current and incoming families, providing them with community info, procedures, and support. She also lends as-needed guidance to instructors when corresponding with families.  Amanda's other various tasks include: volunteer coordination, policy writing, registration communication and waitlist tracking, and some event planning. 

Feel Free to contact Amanda to help with any communications issues you may have at youngwoman(at)gmail.com

For all general questions about Firefly, please contact us at [email protected]