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Registration and Facility Fees

Registration, Facility Fees, and Volunteer Opt-out fees may be paid via PayPal, by clicking on your "Balance" in your FHC profile when you're logged in. These fees are due upon registering for classes to secure your spot. 

Registration Fee 

The Registration Fee is $35 per family, per school year. Class registration will be added once you've created a profile on the Firefly Homeschool Community website, and the fee must be paid for registration to be complete.

Registration fees go towards covering insurance and administrative costs. Firefly Homeschool Community is a non-profit organization. All excess funds will go directly into the community. The directors of Firefly Homeschool Community are not compensated. 

Facility Fee 

The Facility Fee is $15 per child, per school year for up to four children.

Facility fees go towards covering general supplies and cleaning of The Winterville Center for Community and Culture and The Winterville Auditorium.

Volunteer Opt-Out Fee

In order to help Firefly run smoothly and safely, caregivers are asked to volunteer their time each semester. We will have multiple volunteer opportunities available, including both daytime and evening events, so you may select the times that best fit your schedule. Volunteers may be asked to monitor the changing of classes and lunch, assist with recess, help with cleaning tasks, keep tabs on the check-in area, assist in a classroom, or aid in supervising events. All volunteer time slots are approximately 3 hours in length, and we ask each family to sign up for 3 time slots per semester. Caregivers will be notified by email when the volunteer sign-up schedule becomes available as we near the start of the semester. 

If you are unable to fulfill this requirement, please pay the volunteer opt out fee ($40 per semester). You will add this charge as an additional fee from the "Fees" section during registration. Please see the bottom of the Class Registration page and click "Volunteer Opt Out" for more information. 

Refund Policy

Please view our Payment Policy