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Community Guidelines

At Firefly Homeschool Community, inclusion is at the core of who we are. We welcome and affirm people of every nation of origin, race, ethnicity, immigration status, religious affiliation (all faith/non-faith belief systems), disability status, and LGBTQIA+ identity.

Our community values and prioritizes respectful communication, mutual understanding, and empathy. The health of our community is dependent on all members committing to the practice of these values.

FHC expects that all of our members will adhere to the following:

  • Joining FHC indicates a willingness to be respectful of other members’ beliefs or lifestyles, even when those beliefs or lifestyles do not reflect your own. 
  • We support the right of personal expression.
  • We respect and affirm every individual’s sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
  • We affirm the right of all individuals to form and express their own personal preferences. We believe that no one has the right to force their personal preferences onto others.
  • We believe that everyone should have the right to feel safe from unwanted physical contact, sexual harassment, intimidation, and ridicule.
  • We believe that no one should intentionally harm another person.

Behavior Policy
All FHC participants, youth and adults, are expected to conduct themselves with respect, self-control, responsibility, and accountability to themselves, others, and the spaces we occupy. 

Specifically, the following behaviors are not acceptable: 

  • Violence or aggression, either physical or verbal 
  • Bullying, including cyber bullying (Bullying is when an individual or a group of people perceived to have more power repeatedly and intentionally cause hurt or harm to another person or group of people)
  • Discrimination 
  • Damage to property or facilities caused intentionally 
  • Behavior that violates a person’s and/or family’s boundaries
  • Refusal to follow safety rules and directions as expressed by directors and teachers

Teachers will practice values-based behavior management through use of student-generated agreements and contracts, zero-indifference, and/or restorative justice.

  • Student-Generated Agreements and Contracts: Involves students in the design of classroom discipline policies which will create a shared ownership of the classroom culture. Students work on policies as a class, but teachers can also work individually with any students that need extra support
  • Zero-Indifference: Means never letting harmful or disrespectful conduct or conflict go unaddressed; teachers will always respond to these behaviors.
  • Restorative Justice: Approach to discipline that emphasizes repairing harm and restoring relationships rather than relying on punishments. 

It is imperative that all FHC participants, adult and youth, understand and comply with the above expectations; Parents, please discuss them with your children and make sure they understand these expectations. 

Please be aware that if your child does not follow the behavior expectations outlined by FHC after receiving support and assistance from teachers and directors, you may be asked to stay with your child during classes/events, and/or supervise them more closely.