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Jonathan Hart To All Instructors

Jonathan Hart hails from Southwest Georgia along the Flint River. Heading north to pursue an art degree in digital media, he graduated from the University of Georgia in 2009. Towards the completion of his formal education, a renewed intimacy with the natural world laid the foundation for dynamic artistic explorations and a new path. Through wilderness hikes and river trips by canoe he encountered a profound source of inspiration in the seemingly endless display of beauty and design only to be found in nature. 

Moved by these experiences he developed an intense passion for drawing by which to explore his evolving relationship with the land. Meanwhile, a gift of bow and arrow and an introduction to the art of archery encouraged a formal & symbolic shift in his artwork, one informed by myth, a deeper study of the past, and held with a humble desire to be of service. 

In 2014 he co-founded Nowhere Archery, where he teaches traditional archery and provides outdoor  education, including nature drawing and woodcrafts, for hundreds of students of all ages. A consistent dabbler, he continues to draw and loves painting, making music, leather working,  photography, and any other creative outlet he can find. He resides in Winterville, GA.    


Current Classes
Archery + the Beloved Land 1 – Instuctor (closed)
Archery + the Beloved Land 2 – Instructor (closed)
Drawing – Instructor (closed)